"Innovation starts with us"

Considering the strengths of MANAS, we are exploring possibilities in the following segments globally:

Import of LPG


Bio Mass to Ethanol (Second generation ethanol production).

Rice Straw to Bio Ethanol (Fuel Grade) with capacity of 20, 000 MT/PA. This is a Joint Venture between BETA RENEWABLES ITALY and MAIIL.


Ethanol to Bio MEG (MONO ETHYLE GLYCOL) project with Capacity of 150 KTA Per annum to produce BIO MEG grade.

Molasses to Lactic Acid Project

Molasses to Lactic Acid Project in association with Thyssenkrupp, Germany with a capacity of 22000 MT per year and expansion of the project at later Stage as Lactic Acid to Poly Lactic Acid.

Producing Bio CNG

Producing Bio CNG as an automotive fuel for sustainable city transportation.

Solar Power Projects

Providing Investment opportunities for the Solar Power Projects of 45 MW in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State (India).