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Press Mud is a by-product generated while producing sugar. It contains a high percentage of organic nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Organic Bio-Fertilizers is produced from this press mud. This fertilizer has proved to be immensely useful in protecting the soil.

MAIIL is always urging the farmers to use bio fertilizers to conserve the productivity of the soil.

Press mud is very rich in organic carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and micronutrients.

When it is used in the distilleries in the treatment & disposal of spent wash, its overall fertilizer value improves especially for Potassium & micronutrients. This compost plays a significant role in the drive for organic farming.

It is the controlled biological decomposition of organic material by microorganisms and this is a natural process.

  • What is Press-Mud?
    Press mud is a solid waste generated during the clarification of sugar cane juice. About 3.6-4% of sugar cane crushed ends up as press mud.

  • Do MAIIL further enrich the compost obtained from press mud and Spent Wash?

    Yes. Although the compost obtained from press mud & Spent Wash is rich in plant nutrients, we further enrich it by adding certain by-products available in the same industrial complex like boiler ash, yeast sludge & sludge from bio methanation plant.

    These products require disposal in an eco-friendly manner and their use in enriching the compost is of great beneficial because it gives a value addition to the compost in terms of increasing the concentration of plant nutrients.

  • Is there any other type of enrichment used by MAIIL?
    Other type of enrichment used is the addition of beneficial microbial cultures. The most important advantage of this enriched Compost, called "BHUSURAKSHA", is that it is the only source of Humus.

  • What are the benefits of Humus in crop production?

    The benefits of Humus in crop production are as follows:

    • Increased organic carbon content
    • Better moisture retention
    • Better Aeration
    • Slowly & gradually long lasting release of plant nutrients.
    • Better Activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

  • Bio Fertilizer is sold to?
    This fertilizer is sold to the cane producing farmers.