"Master of all trades"

An ambitious and path breaking sugar project of MAIIL encouraged the farmers of Vidarbha for Sugarcane cultivation while promoting rural employment. Considering the excellent irrigation potential, suitability of soil and climate, and willingness of local farmers to cultivate cane, MAIIL does not face any difficulty in getting the required cane for the operation of their sugar plant for 160 days. With the projected increase in irrigated area, additional area under sugarcane may get developed in the region.

More than 2000 people have found direct work while over 10,000 families are benefiting from the project indirectly. We help farmers in the plantation of Sugarcane and harvesting, and also play the role of mentors for farmers to cultivate sugarcane in the vicinity of factory premises.

As per our future plan, very soon we will be adapting sugar refining process which will produce Sulphur less sugar.

Our Sugar Unit's Crushing Capacity:
2500 TCD 2500 TCD 2000 TCD
  • What is the total sugar crushing capacity of MAIIL?
    The total In-house crushing capacity of sugar cane today stands at 7000 TCD.

  • What are the sugar grades available with MAIIL?
    MAIIL produces Double Sulphitation Sugar, M-30 & S-30 sugar grades.

  • What is the sugar packaging sizes available with MAIIL?
    We have standard 50 KG pp gunny bags packaging for sugar, which is strictly examined by our quality checkers on various well defined parameters for durability in transportation.

  • Does MAIIL take cane development activities programs in nearby plant locations?
    We have undertaken extensive cane development activities in the command area of sugar factories, which has resulted in excess cane availability. We have sugarcane and agriculture research and training center, residential colonies school and a health center too. We have the Sugarcane cultivation program within 30 Km to 60 Km from the plant.